Let's create today the beautiful memories of tomorrow !

  •  If you spend time daydreaming about your next holiday…
  •  If you want your holiday to be unforgettable, a treasured memory…
  •  If you consider world travel a valuable learning experience…

Then you probably know that a solid, well-thought out travel plan is the key to a fun-filled, memorable holiday!

And you also know that careful planning requires a great deal of time and effort, so…

Let an EXPERT plan your next family holiday!

My name is Netta, and let NETTATRAVEL  help you create and design a holiday tailored to your desires and requests.

  •  Save you endless hours of online research
  •  Spare you the need to choose between multiple options
  •  Alleviate anxiety by providing answers to your questions and addressing your concerns
  •  Relieve you of the effort of handling the logistics
  •   Suggest places and activities that will match your interests and those of your children !
  •  Make your dream holiday come true!

What does the service include?

  •  An initial meeting in order to get to know and understand the interests and special travel requests of each member
  •  Suggested destinations and assistance in reaching the optimal decision, taking into consideration all relevant factors, from budget and time to travelers’ ages, the season, and preferred sites and activities
  •  A carefully planned and detailed trip itinerary
  •  A selection of recommended accommodations at exclusive lodgings that have been tested and assessed by me, to ensure that they meet the highest standards of hospitality and comfort.
  •  Suggested arrangements regarding logistical details such as guides and schedules

Why is NETTATRAVEL the right choice for YOU?

Because YOU:

  •  Love travelling abroad with the entire family—kids included
  •  Believe in the value of shared family experiences
  •  Want your kids and family members to have fun and appreciate this opportunity
  •  Recognize that creating a significant experience and lasting memory requires an investment of time, money and effort

And because NETTATRAVEL:

  •  Creates a plan that combines nature, culture, ecology, art and fun
  •  Designs an adventure suited for curious minds, featuring observation, investigation, excitement, enthusiasm and high spirits
  •  Prepares a travel route and schedule that accommodate the needs as well as the dreams of all members of your group, children and adults alike
  •  Has the expertise, accumulated knowledge, contacts and know-how to produce a trip that that goes beyond the conventional sites and locations, a journey you will cherish forever.
Take the first step towards a fun and memorable excursion!

My name is Netta, and I have been a passionate globetrotter all my life. I take pleasure in meeting new people and visiting places that offer unfamiliar scenery and culture.

As a young adult I worked as a flight attendant for four years, to satisfy –in part—my hunger for sightseeing. It was during those years that I began gathering information from various locations I had visited and advising friends and family on their travel plans.

I went on to obtain a BA in Israel Studies from Bar Ilan University and an MA in Communications from Clark University.

Over the years, I have planned dozens of trips, for families as well as for private and corporate groups, and without exception, I have received enthusiastic responses each and every time. Finally, in 2010, I decided it was time for me to realize my own dream, and turn my favorite activity into a full time commitment.

Whether you recognize the sheer passion and pleasure I’m talking about, or you haven’t had the chance yet to travel abroad, you owe it to yourself to make your next trip a remarkable one, with NETTATRAVEL!